About us

The owners Udo and Roland Plenge with the director Nicholas-Visser Plenger

Plenge GmbH,

a specialist in the Electrical Engineering and Production of Control Cabinets. Situated in West Germany, east of Münsterland region, Plenge GmbH has been of service to the machine industry since 1949.

Other milestones:

  • 1972: New location at the Werner-Habig road, Oelde
  • 1986: Doubling the size of office and production space
  • 2007: Further expansion for manufacturing
  • 2013: Addition of a new office wing
  • 2015: Support to the Directors – a new recruit: Nicholas Visser-Plenge
Young and dynamic individuals form part of the around 65 member team who have grown together with the company over decades, guaranteeing optimal collaboration and high flexibility.

Innovative technology and solid quality are primary goals underpinning the Plenge 3P’s through which we engineer and produce for the Control-Cabinet- and machinery- industry at large.